PDFing Home Page New features in PDFing v3.1
The most obvious change in PDFing V3.1 is in its appearance, but we have also improved its reliability and useability. We have included several new features, most of which have been requested by our customers.

The properties form, accessed through the [Properties] or "popup" menu options, has been completely re-organized. You can now see much more information about each spooled-file's attributes and the processes which have been run. The files and message attachments resulting from the conversion of each spooled-file can now be managed via "drag and drop" or "popup" menu options.

PDFing v3.1 now includes its own printing component which does not require a separate install nor any "Lua for PDFing" script. Please see: http://www.pdfing.com/pprint.html for more details about licensing etc.

PDFing v3.1 allows you to sign the PDF files that PDFing creates.
The [Security] page of the configuration and markup programs contains new controls that control digital-signing. Please see: http://www.pdfing.com/psign.html for details.

Title, Subject, Author and keywords can now be written as the "External file properties" of a file. These values appear on the "Summary" tab of the Properties display and in the appropriate columns of windows explorer. Please note that these file properties are not included when a file is sent via email.
The [Convert] page of the configuration and markup programs contains a new control labelled "Add file-properties" (just below the "Keywords" control), this must be set to YES.

You can now create a copy of a spooled-file job, that can be processed in a different way to the original.
The [Destination] page of the markup program contains a new control labelled "Clone tags" where "cloning" instructions can be specified.

PDFing v3.1 can delay sending a spooled-file until all the spooled-files in a set have been received and then to merge all the spooled-files in this set into one PDF document and send this single document as an attachment to a single email.
Each spooled-file in the set of spooled-files must have a "send to destination" value specified as: *MERGE*sssss, where sssssss specifies the set name. The last spooled-file of a set must also specify an email address (or addresses) as the "notify address" value. When the last spooled-file of the set is received, all the spooled-files saved for this set, will be merged into a single PDF document attached to an email sent to the "notify address".

PDFing v3.1 now allows you to add "book-marks" to the PDF files it produces, no matter what type of spooled-file is received.

PDfing V3.1 can dynamically select the image-file(s) to be added to a PDF.
The [Graphics] page of the markup program contains a new control labelled "Actual Name" (just below the example image"), you may enter the full path of an image-file here, and this path may contain "special-characters", which are substituted at run-time by values extracted from the spooled-file being processed.
You still need to select an image from the \Markup directory for scaling and positioning and this image should have the same dimensions as any image file which may be selected dynamically. If the "Actual Name" control is blank, then the graphics image is selected from the \Markup directory, as before.

You can now run an unlimited number of clients for the NT service version of PDFing. of PDFing. Each client will have full access to the spooled-files processed by the NT service version of PDFing.

This document ©Jane Hearn 2006.