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Some of our customers have been sufficiently impressed by PDFing that they have written in to say so! Their comments are listed below.
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Cobra We absolutely love your product! It has saved us so much time and automated so many things for us. We originally used it to email outside sales reps weekly reports. We now use it to archive reports, send reports to AS400 users at home so they can print them locally on their own printers. The product works great, very easy to use and maintenance free! You are also wonderful at updating it and listening to your customer's requests for new features. Keep up the great work!

Fairfield Manufacturing In my 39+ years as an IT Professional, I can't recall any software product that gives you more "bang for your buck" than PDFing. PDFing has become an important integral part of our AS/400 Business System. I am constantly amazed by the many ways we are discovering daily to incorporate PDFing's power into every facet of our Reporting System. Thanks for a great product!

PORTS Petroleum I love the program. We are using it to send reports to outside sales people as well as to archive our AS/400 reports to a cold storage system. It's probably the best value of any AS/400 software I've purchased. The great thing is it just runs in the background doing its thing. Easy to set up and low maintenance. What more could you ask for?

STL Just wanted to let you know that I applaud your new method of supplying preliminary data as a .PDF file via an automated electronic delivery system. It's a much more efficient method, saves some paper, and allows me (or others) to simply forward the file as a reminder that we have received data.

TranService I like the way it works, especially because there is no software required on our user PC's and on the AS400. All we need is a simple way to convert spool files to pdf for distribution and you program does that easily.

World Class Information Systems It keeps it simple: non-intrusive to the PC operating system, and easy to work with. I have even tested over the internet from my PC to our AS/400 & exchange server and it works very well.

Tower Computing We have just purchased PDFing from your website and I would just like to say how impressed I am.

J.A. Riggs Thanks for writing this program! It is working beautifully!




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