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PDFing can automatically print the PDF files it creates to any windows printer, You may notice the "tickler" text added to each printed page. In order to remove this text, you must apply a valid NT Service license-key. 

Use the [EditPrinter] button  on the [Destination] page of the Configuration and Markup forms to display the following sub-form. When it is displayed, use the [OK] button to apply changed specifications and hide the sub--form, or [Hide] to hide the sub-form without applying changed specifications.
PDFing Print Controls

The controls on the sub-form are:
Printer name :
You may select or enter the name of a windows printer. If no printer is selected, then the default printer will be used.

Copies :
You may you to select from zero to nine copies of the print-out. If you want a PDF to print, you must select some number of copies greater than zero.

Rotate :
You may select AUTO for "best fit", 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees of rotation .

X offset :
You may enter a value in points (1/72 inch) to offset the document page to the right of the paper.

Y offset :
You may enter a value in points (1/72 inch) to offset the document page to the bottom of the paper.

Tray :
Select the tray from which paper is loaded. You may enter either the name or number of the tray. A blank entry selects the default tray of the printer.

Bin :
Select the bin into which the printed paper is dumped. You may enter either the name or number of the bin. A blank entry selects the default bin of the printer.

Color :
Force either color or monochrome printing, this is sometimes required for network printers. The default, AUTO, selects the default color mode of the printer.

Duplex :
For printers that support double-sided printing, the default, AUTO, selects the default duplexing method of the selected printer. The SIMPLEX selection switches double-sided printing off.

Select the quality of printed output in terms of dots-per-inch. A zero entry selects the default dots-per-inch setting of the printer.

Shrink to fit ?:
Select YES to fit the document page-size to fit the paper, NO for no automatic fitting, or EXPAND to increase the document page size to fit the printer..

Collate :
For printers that support collating, the default, AUTO, selects the default page collating method of the selected printer, selecting NO switches collation off.

Scale :
Specify a ratio less than 1.00 to shrink the document pages, or greater than 1.00 to expand the document pages. A value of 1.0 means actual size, 0.5 means half-size, 2.0 means double-size etc. 
For your convenience, when the sub-form is hidden, then  the "Printer name" control will "hint" the printer address string and this string can also be copied from the control.

A printer address string (see below) may be specified as the value for any of the following tags. When *LIST* is specified for the EPN= value, only printer addresses will be selected. When *LIST* is specified for the EMA= or EMN= values all addresses (including any printer addresses) will be selected.

A printer address is a text string of printing parameters, it may specified for printer tags (see above) or in the "Send to" and "Notify" edit-controls. In cases where you need to distinguish between a printer-name and other document destinations you must prefix printer names with -p but when a printer address is specified in an edit-control or instruction tag which can only specify a printer address, the prefix -p may be omitted. After the (optional) prefix -p you may specify any of the following printing parameters:
Shrink PDF page - n=0 shrink to fit paper (default), n=1 no shrinking, n=2 expand to fit paper

Number of copies

Number of copies, copies are generated by the printer-driver

Force color

Force monochrome

Tray name or number

Bin name or number

Duplex vertical

Duplex horizontal

Duplex simplex or off

Collation - n=1 collate pages, n=2 no collation

Rotate by 0 degrees, switches automatic rotation off

Rotate by 90 degrees, switches automatic rotation off

Rotate by 180 degrees, switches automatic rotation off

Rotate by 270 degrees, switches automatic rotation off

Quality in dots per inch

Range of pages to print. Where "r2" prints page 2 only, "r2-4" prints pages 2 through 4 and "2-" prints pages 2 through to the last page.

Scaling Where s1.0 means actual size, s0.5 means half-size, s2.0 means double-size et.

Offset to right (points)

Offset to bottom (points)

Note that each separate parameter must be terminated by a comma "," character. The text after the last comma "," character is the printer name. So an example of a printer address looks like:

-p c2,fm, q1200, HP LaserJet

Which directs PDFing to print two copies to an HP LaserJet at 1200 dots-per-inch in monochrome. Or:

-p c1,

Which directs PDFing to print one copy to the default printer. Note the terminating , (comma) after the final parameter, this signals PDFing that c1 is a parameter not the name of a printer.

If you want PDFing to select a printer or printers based on some attribute of the spooled-file, the [Destination] page of the markup form, contains the following controls:
Printer look-up:
Select one of the pre-defined special values: *FILENAME, *USERPRF, *FORMTYPE or *USERDATA and the corresponding attribute value from each spooled-file will be used to select any corresponding printer-name(s) from the mail-list specified below. You may also enter special characters here, so that a spooled-file with particular attribute values is printed on particular printer(s).

In mail-list:
Select the Mail-List used to look-up the printer names corresponding to the Printer look-up value. Leave this control blank to use the Mail-List with the same name as the markup file.

Select the default printing action to be taken when no printer-name is found in the mail-list.

Because the printing component is an "ActiveX/Com", PDFing will attempt to register the component during installation. If this cannot be performed at installation, PDFing will automatically locate and try to  "register" the printing component when you use the printer controls.
Alternatively, you can run (as Administrator) the batch-file: \PDFing\Res\XpdfPrintInstall.bat to register the component.
PDFing Print Registration
The PDF printing component is licensed by us from: Glyph & Cog, LLC

This document ©Jane Hearn 2007-2013.