PDFING NEWSLETTER NO 25 - January 2013

Since the official release of PDFing version 5 there have been (a few) bugs reported! You can download the latest version (v5.0.1.10) which fixes these bugs from: http://www.pdfing.com/down/pdfing5setup.msi To make up for the bugs we have fixed , PDFing has greatly improved the performance and reliability . The bug fixes include: The improvements include:

Please see our web-pages: PDFing Release History and new features of PDFing V5
. As I said before, we regret the fact that much of our documentation needs updating, this is something that will be rectified in the next month or two. Meanwhile, you can contact us at: support@pdfing.com and we will be very pleased to help you.

Please note that, if all your license-keys were issued before 8th February 2011, PDFing v5 will only work in "un-licensed" mode. Please do not proceed with installation unless you have an upgrade, or an NT Service license-key issued on or after 8th February 2011.  You should apply your Upgrade or NT Service license-key before v5 installation or as soon as the installation is complete. See http://www.pdfing.com/slicense.html which describes how the upgrade key is applied. If all your license-codes were issued before 18th February 2009,  please do not proceed with installation until have purchased a V5 upgrade license-key (300547512) issued on or after 18th February 2009. You should apply the upgrade license-key before v5 installation or as soon as the installation is complete.

License-keys can be purchased from our page on the "share-it" e-commerce web site.
Users who need to purchase an upgrade license-key, are recommended to make their purchase before the end of February, as the price of an "upgrade" license-key will be increased to 119.00 USD on the 1st March 2014.

We are always pleased to hear from you, particularly about your ideas and suggestions for improving PDFing. Contact us at: support@pdfing.com

David Fowle and Jane Hearn