PDFING NEWSLETTER NO 23 - October 2008

Thank you for continuing to support PDFing. Since PDFing v4 was introduced in November 2007 it has proved to be our most stable and successful version yet! We are particularly pleased by the number of customers using the convert-to-excel feature, and there is more information about this, below.

As ever, customers have asked for additional features, most of which have been added to PDFing v4. The most significant new features are:

For a complete release-history, see: http://www.pdfing.com/releasehist.html.

We have also responded to problems reported by our customers. Many of these related to the way PDFing v4 interpreted "destinations" slightly differently, the latest version of v4 now includes several minor fixes, so that it now interprets "destinations" in exactly the same way as PDFing v3. We have also fixed a significant problem with "multi-threading" (which occurred only on systems with a multi-core CPU) and increased its compatibility with anti-virus software.

We encourage any one interested in the convert-to-excel feature to dowload the very latest version of the L4X "Integrated Development Environment" from our web-page at: http://www.pdfing.com/l4x We have done our best to make the L4X IDE easier to use, the help-pages have been much improved and a number of minor bugs and nuisances have been fixed. Users of L4X v1 and LuateX can expect a much improved experience. We do appreciate that L4X still has a steep learning curve, but we hope that (over time) we will be able to reduce the learning effort required.

We are always pleased to hear from you about ideas and suggestions for improving PDFing. In future we will be directing our efforts towards improving our web-site.

Thank you,

David Fowle and Jane Hearn