PDFING NEWSLETTER NO 21 - 18th December 2007

We would like to thank all our customers who have installed PDFing v4. This has been a trouble-free experience for most of our customers but, unfortunately, there were some bugs in this release, which are listed below:

These bugs have now been corrected and the NT service version of PDFing and its client have been enhanced so that the service is more resilient and the client now only requires "read" access to the queued files. We strongly advise you to download and install the latest version of PDFing, from:


If you have previously installed PDFing version 4, when you run pdfing4setup.msi you will be presented with two install options: Repair and Remove. Please select the Remove option but, when you are prompted to remove the configuration and queue directories, please do not enter Y or y. When the Remove option has completed, run pdfing4setup.msi again. As long as you install PDFing into the same location used by your previous install, your configuration files will be preserved intact.

If you are using the L4x development environment to create and test the scripts that convert spooled-files to Excel, please download and install:


We do apologize for our errors and thank you for your support.

David Fowle and Jane Hearn